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CAS 360 Product Update – 14 July 2023

By July 14, 2023CAS 360, Product Updates

What's new?

New ‘Current Shareholders’ view: Users can now toggle between the existing ‘Shareholder Transactions’ view and the new ‘View Current Shareholders Only’ view on the Shareholders Screen. Holdings with the value 0 will be hidden.

The Shareholder Pie Chart has also been updated, displaying the number of shares held by different shareholders and a comparison of the different share types issued by the company. Learn more

Current Shareholders API Support: API support was added for the new Current Shareholder Balance feature. Learn more

Listing Reports: These reports will now include a ‘total companies’ counter at the bottom of each report.

Documents with blank date: You can now generate documents with a blank document date. This is available for all documents prepared for Singapore companies. Learn more

ACRA data: We have improved the user interface to display missing ACRA data. Learn more

Relationship Tab – Global Contacts Screen: If a contact is a representative of a company, it will now appear in the Relationship tab in Global Contacts. Learn more 

People Group Report – ‘Representative of’ relationship: If a contact is a representative of a company, this information will now be displayed in the People Group Report. Learn more

Plus, many more new features and improvements. Remember to check out the full release notes on the CAS 360 Online Help and join the conversation in the CAS 360 Community. Links to previous update release notes are below:

Stay tuned for future releases!

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