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Join over 3,500 organisations managing almost 1,000,000 companies worldwide.

Enjoy a streamlined Annual Return workflow and file all of your clients’ Annual Returns with ACRA at the click of a button!

Manage all of your clients’ Annual Return dates (due, upcoming, overdue) with daily automated Smart Alerts.

Send automated reminders to your clients for Annual Return deadlines and track all sent/received emails in CAS 360.


Per company, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 25 companies.
Sold in lots of 5 companies thereafter.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Support
  • On-Demand Training
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • All prices are in Singapore dollars

Watch a demo!

Will CAS 360 work for your needs? Watch a pre-recorded product demonstration to learn more.

Watch a demo!

"Since transitioning to CAS 360, we’ve been able to optimise our staff structure and performance."

Nick Ashford
Partner at Withers Tsang

“Since we’ve implemented CAS 360, completing the Annual Returns is much easier. The time frame has dropped from a couple of days to half an hour to get things done.”

Jill Fryer
Director at Upshot

"CAS 360 functionalities certainly helped us improve our engagement with clients and increase efficiency and productivity."

Bill Mancer
Director at Rise Accountants

“CAS 360 has dramatically reduced the amount of time we spend on processing. Added to that, digital signing integration is saving us hours each month on the hundreds and hundreds of Annual Returns that we do.”

John White
Chartered Accountant at Business One