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BGL Success Stories

Real people, sharing real stories.

Increase efficiency and productivity!

See how Rise Accountants improved their engagement with clients with CAS 360!

Automate Annual Return process!

See how Lighthouse Financial solved their administrative problem with CAS 360!

One platform for everything!

See how Mathiesons was able to minimise manual data entry with CAS 360!

How CAS 360 turned 2 days work into 30 minutes.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Upshot provides total accounting and business solution packages to approximately 500 clients. Jill – Upshot Director – is a satisfied CAS 360 user who wanted to share the key benefits CAS 360 brought to her firm and her experience with us.

How CAS 360 helped Rise Accountants save time and become more efficient!

Rise Accountants is a cloud-based firm that uses quite a number of apps, requiring a great level of integration. Before using CAS 360, Bill had to spend a significant amount of time manually updating data from one app to another due to the lack of integration in the compliance product used within the Firm.

Will CAS 360 work for your needs?